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Oak Park Business Park is an over 400 acre development currently underway at Highway 403 and Oak Park Rd. in Brantford, Ontario. This $500-million development consists of  light industrial, office, commercial and big-box retail buildings.

The project entails a complete redevelopment of a depleted industrial quarry operation into a productive parcel of land to be the new home to over 4.7 million square feet of prestige industrial buildings and a brand new 800,000 square foot retail power centre. This project is the province’s largest reuse of land, reducing urban sprawl, providing employment opportunity, and bringing an enormous investment to the Brantford community. This environmentally friendly project is an impeccable example of the intent behind the Province of Ontario Places to Grow legislation. The Oak Park redevelopment is the first private sector developed industrial park in the history of Brantford.

Project Highlights

  • Redevelopment and reuse of a depleted gravel pit
  • Industrial centre, consisting of 4.7 million square feet of prestige industrial buildings
  • 800,000 square-foot retail power centre containing big-box stores, and office complex
  • Creation of approximately 5000 new jobs, resulting in annual payroll in excess of $150 million
  • Intense lot coverage that reduces land requirements and seeks to stop sprawl
  • Donation of land to allow construction of a new $7-million interchange at Oak Park Road and Highway403
  • Donation of land for the planned new home of the SPCA and an off-leash park
  • Preservation of environmental woodlot


South-West Paris Business Park is a new large scale development area in the County of Brant.  It is located at Rest Acres Road and Highway 403.  This 180 acre development is the first industrial development in the area.  With it’s location in the heart of Southern Ontario and fronting Highway 403, this site is ideal for new logistic facilities as well as prestige industrial uses.

King & Benton is currently working toward Draft Plan Approval of the project with the county of  Brant and it is anticipated that Draft Plan Approval will be obtained in the near future.

The County of Brant and King & Benton Development Group view this project as a very exciting industrial development which will provide the County with a new are to expand their industrial base. All parties look forward to moving forward into the detailed design of the industrial park and continuing cooperation that has been exhibited so far on this project.

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