First Nations Construction Services

We know the value of maintaining open dialogue on every development project.
The rapid growth of our First Nations Construction Services Division stands as a
perfect example of our focus on those essential relationships.
At K&B Group of Companies, we ensure decision-making, authority, consultation,
and autonomy are placed in the hands of Indigenous community members. For
many years, we have built key relationships with First Nations business owners,
customers and the larger community where any development is planned or
All parties are invited to the table ā€“ and actively involved ā€“ with our consistent,
collaborative and open approach to doing business every day. Our First Nations
partners and clients are a testament to our belief in community satisfaction and
mutually-beneficial projects.

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Some sectors we’ve focused on in our First Nations Construction Services
division include environmental remediation, housing, painting and coating-related
services. We’re proud of the successes achieved by this essential part of K&B
Group of Companies and look forward to its continued growth.
For more information, please visit us online at First Nations Construction Services