Land Development Projects

King & Benton has extensive experience working on land development projects for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our services include advisory services, planning, project management, preliminary and detailed design, and construction management.
Erie & Birkett, Brantford

700 Powerline Rd, County of Brant

This 22 acre, mixed industrial-commercial project now underway is located in one of Brant’s prime areas slated for development. The site is being prepared for an industrial client with plans to expand into the Brant area.  A new fuel sales and service station, with the future potential for commercial business units, will also be added to the site.

Increased municipal tax revenue and local job creation are the primary benefits for our community resulting from this plan.

This development serves as a key example of King & Benton’s commitment to maximizing the value of available land, while simultaneously ensuring the most suitable development uses for our projects.

South-West Paris Business Park

South-West Paris Business Park is a new large scale development area in the County of Brant. It is located at Rest Acres Road and Highway 403. This 180 acre development is the first high profile industrial park development in the County of Brant. With it’s location in the heart of Southern Ontario and fronting Highway 403.  This is ideal for new logistic facilities as well as prestige industrial uses.

King & Benton played a pivotal role in the facilitating a partnership between Six Nations of the Grand River and the County of Brant together in the new industrial park anchored by the 700,000 sf Adidas facility.

The County of Brant and King & Benton Development Group view this project as a very exciting industrial development which will provide the County with a new area to expand their industrial base. All parties look forward to moving forward into detailed design of the industrial park and continuing cooperation that has been exhibited so far on this project.

King & Benton Southwest Paris Business Park
Erie & Birkett, Brantford

65 Canal Bank Street, Welland, ON

This is a recently acquired property formerly Union Carbide/Graftech (a Ferro Alloy Steel Mill) of approximately 180 acres fronting on to Welland’s recreational canal.

The site is impacted by heavy metals, VOCs, and hydrocarbons. It is a very unique property for many reasons including that it holds an existing non-hazardous waste landfill license which King & Benton plans on forming a strategic partnership to help manage the Province’s shortfall for this type of specific land use

Dain City, Ontario

Formerly outside storage lands for St. Lawrence Seaway in Welland, Ontario. The site is impacted by heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

King & Benton is proceeding with the remediation of the 180 acre site poised for 1000 unit new single family home development.

King & Benton Southwest Paris Business Park