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Brantford’s Arts Block is back … with a vengeance. Day on the Grand is supported by the Ontario Arts Council, Enterprise Brant, the City of Brantford, King and Benton and Harold and Goetz. After more than one year of planning and six months of jumping through legal hoops, the Brantford Arts Block is partnering with… Read more »

King and Benton is rapidly growing. We have many community-boosting projects on the go at the moment, and we certainly needed more help to turn those development goals into reality. That’s where our three new full-time additions to our management team come in – to ensure that’s exactly what we’re doing every day. Each one… Read more »

We know the value of maintaining open dialogue on every development project. The rapid growth of our First Nations Construction Services Division stands as a perfect example of our focus on those essential relationships. At K&B Group of Companies, we ensure decision-making, authority, consultation, and autonomy are placed in the hands of Indigenous community members…. Read more »

Recently Guswhenta completed the purchase of a residential land approved for building 300 new homes. Construction of the site will happen in partnership with Kingwood Homes, a leading Ontario Home Builder.

King & Benton are planning to purchase existing properties which are abandoned and work on renovating and repurposing them.

King and Benton is currently expanding their warehousing services with 2 locations currently in Brantford and 1 in Cambridge. We offer both serviced and unserviced warehousing at great rates, safe and secure buildings with multi loading docks and existing overhead cranes at some locations.

King & Benton submitted a request to the city for rezoning of the property to accommodate mixed-use development following soil remediation. Councillors voted in favor of this development.

After careful and long term planning, King and Benton commenced with the works at 695 Bishop. Works are expected to be complete by the end of 2015 and the building will be repurposed and expected to create from 50 – 100 new jobs.

King and Benton and Surreal Homes have been working closely on a plan to redevelop the former Harding Carpet site into modern condominium units. The project has now moved past planning approvals and the design stage, with actual construction works happening right now.